3D Laser Scanning



3D Laser Scanning delivers uniquely accurate surveying of real-world environments that simply can’t be achieved with traditional surveying.
Whilst conventional surveying allows the measurement of individual points at any given time, 3D Laser Scanning creates an accurate spatially correct 3D model or “point cloud” of the scanned site, which can be manipulated with software to register accurate measurable information.

If you are faced with the complex mapping of plant infrastructure, reverse engineering, mines, roads, bridges, railways, environmental vegetation, 3D Laser Scanning delivers invaluable information.
It certainly comes into its own when you are faced with dangerous sites where downtime of the infrastructure is precious and you require a complex three-dimensional spatial data set.




Topographic / Civil / Mining / Rail
If you require the accurate surveying of roads, bridges, highways and overpasses 3D Laser Scanning provides the ultimate solution, safely, quickly and cost-effectively. The portable nature of the technology ensures site fieldwork is brief and safe with minimal disruption to high volume traffic areas, access to difficult areas and all with total accuracy. You will appreciate photorealistic imaging for visualisation and the extraction of
stringlines all benchmarked by accuracy. Perfect for surface monitoring, volume capture and interrogation. Talk to our team to fast track smart, accurate surveying of your roadway projects.




Plant / Service Infrastructure (Water, Gas, Electricity, Chemical)    
If you are responsible for the maintenance assessment, design, planning and or retrofitting of machinery and plant sites, you could significantly benefit from 3D laser scanning. Use the information to create accurate 3D models of the equipment and plan for the future. With accuracy to 3mm, you can manipulate the essential 3D model measurements for as building data interrogation, retrofit design and upgrades. The invaluable data is accessible at your fingertips with simple software applications to access, streamline and fast-track future projectscts.


Coastal / Environmental / Vegetation Mapping & Monitoring
You now have the opportunity to capture real useable information to survey beaches, dunes, cliffs and significant vegetation. Perfect for accurately monitoring erosion and sediment transport models and volumes. Councils and environmental agencies can use the data to visualise, audit and manage coastal structures, illegal clearing and endangered vegetation.


Architectural, Heritage, Cultural & Archeological 
The 3-dimensional scanning of architectural structures delivers an accurate record at a given point in time for assessing changes and movement over the years and provides a benchmark for future restoration following deterioration or damage. The scanned internal and external building information can be interrogated for three-dimensional details including window and door openings. Create accurate 3D models that ensure the future integrity of buildings structures and a historical representation of our very important heritage.


Laser Scanning can provide complete 3D models of overhead lines, bridges, tunnels, signal posts, vegetation, lines and signs. The data can be measured, modelled and string lines extracted into CAD packages. Use the information for a redesign, condition monitoring and clearance checks. Talk to our experts to capture accurate information for a wealth of applications.


Reverse Engineering & Replication 
If you are interested in quick and accurate reverse engineering products and equipment that are aged or to replace incorrect, incomplete or otherwise unavailable documentation, 3D Laser Scanning has the answers. You can now scan almost any surface to create a 3D model. Use the information to fast-track replication with accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. 3D scanning technology is finding applications in processing plants, retrofits, shipbuilding/repairs, deformation analysis, mould and pattern creation, accident reconstruction and GIS – rapid data acquisition of assets that cannot be seen by aerial photography.


Clash Detection
Our expert Laser Scanning Surveyors specialise in clash detection. This is the comparison of two 3 dimensional surfaces. The image shows a 3D design not fitting within a 3D model of an underground chamber. Fast turn around scanning and using clash detection software can identify these issues early potentially saving a lot of money.

Time & Money Saving Applications

Why 3D Laser Scanning?

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