Boundary Identification

An Identification Survey is performed by a Cadastral Surveyor or a registered person under the supervision of the Cadastral Surveyor, to re-establish the existing title boundaries.


In many cases landowners cannot find the pegs that define their boundaries. This can be due to the original pegs being disturbed during construction, the age of the pegs or natural causes.


Before a new fence is constructed it is advisable that an Identification Survey is undertaken to ensure the correct positioning of the fence and avoid conflict with adjoining owners.


When erecting new structures on land an Identification Survey and remarking of the boundaries will ensure that the improvements are contained within the title boundaries.


Identification Surveys are often used to settle boundary disputes between neighbours. In certain cases, a subsequent realignment survey is recommended.


When a Cadastral Surveyor performs an Identification Survey any improvements that are on or near the boundary are located and recorded. If encroachments are found then landowners are notified of this. 


At the completion of the field work the surveyor prepares an Identification Survey Plan which is given to the client. A copy of this plan is also forwarded to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.