The Complete Surveying Service for Local and State Government Departments.


“I commenced my surveying career in Local Government. Restructuring and privatising the Surveying Department was the key driver that saw me start my own survey company at age 25 in 1996. During my 4 years in the government sector, I really enjoyed the challenges that were placed on me to communicate, work together and service all the council staff surveying requirements. This enjoyment has continued throughout my career with the continued challenge of working with Local and State Government Departments to provide a supporting stable surveying service with the aim of making your job easier.”
                                                                                                                    – Mick Irwin


Surveyors @ Work are “Local Buy” Suppliers:

Registered or Pre-Qualified Suppliers (RPQS)
Planning & Design Consultancy Services
Contract: BUS 202 – 10101


What We Do:

As experienced Project Surveyors, we specialise in all aspects of survey from initial investigations through construction, final As Constructed Surveys and GIS input.


We understand construction, so we know the importance of getting things right from the start to minimize any variations throughout the project. Our staff will liaise with other associated consultants on a project to help ensure the most cost effective method of design or construction is undertaken and the best results achieved.





We call this our carefactor guarantee.


Large and small scale Digital Terrain Modelling – We specialise in the delivery of DTM’s to the specifications of our client. Examples would be Main Roads and Brisbane City Council where we have been delivering a high quality product to very strict guidlines for approximately 15 years.


“If you don’t do it right they send it back”   


 We have this “do it right attitude” and by doing it right we mean precise layering, coding, accurate in and contouring that represent the lay of the land or infrastructure.


Other Services

• Construction Set Out
• Conformance and Volume Reporting
• Project Quality Assurance Surveyors
• Beach Erosion
• As-Constructed to all specifications


Surveyors @ Work believe technology and innovation is an extremely important part of our service. We have the very latest in technology ensuring we can deliver the very best of any service available in the market including:

1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) delivering Digital Elevation Models and Precise Aerial imagery from approximately 80m high.

2. Remote Control Hydrographic Survey Boat and 18ft Hydrographic Survey Boat

3. 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning

4. Mobile Mapping for large scale Detail Surveys and GIS information

5. Machine Control modelling, site set up of equipment and ongoing control for the life of the project.


Message from the Managing Director Mick Irwin of Surveyors @ Work