The committed team at Surveyors @ Work’s most recent technology is the inclusion of our remote controlled bathymetric survey boat. We are now able to offer a safe and efficient method of mapping almost any body of water or liquids storage facility.


This includes but is not limited to :
• Mine Tailings Dams
• Process Leachate Pits
• Reservoirs
• All Natural Water Ways


Waste water facilities including waste water lagoons and hardardous liquids storage and sludge depth testing
The hydrographic boat uses advanced radio communications equipment to offer remotely-operated hydrographic surveys at up to 1500m range with all data transmitted to the shore in real time.

With the GNSS position and the heading, navigation by the operator is easy on the shore laptop.






Advantages of the Remote Controlled Hydrographic Boat:


  • Dual Frequency 33/200khz Ceescope sounder offering – full water column echo envelope recording with internal data logging and real time output

  • Speed of Surveying

  • The boat can cover the entire area of a tailings pond or similar from bank to bank and the sonar system can accurately detect the mudline

  • Survey cost reduction


Safety – Bathymetric Data captured where conventional methods are not practical or safe:


  • Avoids hazardous and time consuming wading measurements

  • Avoids hazardous risks associated with people and water moving staff off the water

  • Avoids mobilizing a full size work boat

For Industrial Water Management Applications